Managing Databases In Ignition

You are an Ignition developer and you are ready to start developing a new Ignition project. This one is going to be an application that utilizes a custom database.

So the first thing you need is a database connection configured in the Ignition Gateway. You check and you find out that there is already a database connection set up in the Ignition Gateway that uses the database you want to use. Perfect.

Now you need to create some new database tables to hold the data for your application. So you download and install MySQL Workbench, which is a tool for creating database tables. Now you need to setup a database connection to MySQL Workbench but you don’t know the password for MySQL so you have to find someone who does. You find the person who knows and that person finds the password and gives it to you.

You setup a remote database connection from MySQL Workbench to your MySQL database and it doesn’t work. You find out that it doesn’t work because MySQL’s permissions don’t permit it. So you ask the IT department or the person handling the database system to change MySQL’s permissions to allow you to make a remote connection. You find out that setting up remote connections to MySQL is not allowed by the organization. So now you consider writing your table creation and table altering queries by hand in the Ignition Designer SQL Query Browser, which is tedious and inefficient.

In this example we have both technical and organizational barriers for using a simple GUI tool for making database tables that can be used in Ignition.

Now you find out about the Database Editor from Perfect Abstractions. It is just a simple project installation — select file and upload. It uses the database connections that are already configured in the Ignition Gateway. You discover it is a nice simple GUI for creating your database tables, changing them and viewing and editing the various data in them.

The Database Editor removes the technical and organizational barriers to easily creating and altering database tables.

Your database is one of the most powerful software creation tools, utilize its potential with the Database Editor.

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