Ignition Community Conference 2017 Notes

This year’s ICC was great.  Here’s some notes about the conference. MQTT It was great to see the large presence MQTT had at the conference. Travis Cox announced Inductive Automation’s Ignition Onboard program, which is a program for device manufactures to have Ignition pre-installed on their devices. David Greenfield from Automation World wrote a new article […]

Ignition Versus: FactoryTalk View – Licensing and Training Costs

Today we are going to compare the cost of implementing a SCADA/HMI system with FactoryTalk View Site Edition vs the Ignition Platform. We will cover Licensing fees and Training Costs. Licensing Fees Finding a straightforward answer on pricing for FactoryTalk View is a task in and of itself. There are no listed prices on the […]

Ignition Versus: FactoryTalk View – Component Scripting Capabilities

Today we’re going to compare and contrast Ignitions component scripting abilities and interface with those of FactoryTalk View. We will be taking a look at the programming languages each program uses, their ability to access properties of components on an HMI screen, how easy they are to implement and what support is provided for extending their […]