3D Charts Module – New Video, New Documentation, New Features

I just released a new version of the 3D Charts Module. Here is what is new: The documentation for the module has been rewritten. You can see it online here: http://doc.perfectabstractions.com/modules/3dcharts/index.html Users can now export charts to PDF, JPEG or PNG. Right clicking on a chart will show a popup menu with different menu items for […]

Creating Effective Reports in Ignition

It’s important to create readable reports that provide actionable data to the viewer. This means ensuring that the most important information is separated from the rest of the report, visual aids are used as much as possible to aid in the understanding of the information you are presenting  and color choices are made sparingly and with […]

Serial Communications in Ignition with Arduino

Today we’re going to be taking a look at using serial communication devices inside of Ignition. We will be using an Arduino microcontroller as our serial device, and using the Serial Support Client Module (Download) to gain access to the serial scripting functions we need to establish communication between the devices. We will be using an […]

Getting Even More Out Of Your Power Tables

Power Tables are, as the name suggests, very powerful. By getting creative with the extension functions, and diving into the underlying Java objects, you can do even more with them. Inductive Automation has a great Knowledgebase article on Power Table extension functions that will give you a good overview of what you can do. Here we […]