Database Editor 1.2 Improvements

Here are some new improvements to the Database Editor:

Editing Date Type Values
The Database Editor now supports the editing of date/time fields in the SQL Editor tab. These fields have the format ‘yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss’. For example: “2017-07-11 12:33:48”. Note that a field will turn red if the format is invalid. An easy way to edit these fields is to double click on one of them and then immediately press enter. This will fill in the current date and time into the field which you can then edit.


Improved Datasource Selection
The datasource dropdown now provides additional information about each datasource configured in Ignition. It shows what kind of database connection, for example MySQL or SQL Server. It also shows which datasources are valid and which one’s are faulted or disabled.



Support for the H2 Database
The Database Editor supports MySQL and now also supports the H2 database from the Database Module. This means that you can create/alter/view/query/edit database tables using Ignition datasources configured in Ignition for MySQL and H2 databases.

The Database Editor also supports H2’s database compatibility modes. The compatibility modes make H2 more compatible with other database systems. H2 has compatibility modes for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2 and others.

In the MySQL compatibility mode all field names and table name are in lower case and are case insensitive and the backtick ‘`’ character is used around field and table names. In SQL Server mode the characters ‘[‘ and ‘]’ are used around field and table names and the ‘+’ character is used for string concatenation. More information about compatibility modes can be seen in H2 documentation.

​Indexes are Displayed
Indexes on database tables are now displayed in the tree of tables.


Can’t Be Edited Without a Modification License
The Database Editor can’t be edited without a modification license. If you try you will get a popup message saying that the project has been modified and a modification license is needed. Once a modification license is purchased an editable version of the project is given.

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