Why the Database Module is Free

Someone recently asked me why I am giving away the Database Module for free.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Common database solutions such as MySQL and SQL Server Express and PostgreSQL are free and I figure that people who use those solutions might not want to pay for a database solution and I want them to use the Database Module, so it is free. I also think the Database Module is really great for getting started with Ignition and for development and testing purposes so I want to remove as much barrier as I can for these uses.
  2. I am building up a customer base and email list for future paid products. I am releasing the Database Module for free so that people can easily get familiar with my company and our products and join our email list so they can find out about our future offerings.
  3. The Database Module automatically installs the Database Editor project which is the Ignition GUI for managing databases. This project is free for H2 (which is the SQL database installed by the Database Module) and free for MySQL. In the future I plan to make a Database Editor Pro version that is a paid version that also supports Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL and more database features such as import/export of database backups. Making the Database Editor free makes it more known and familiar to users before I release the Database Editor Pro.

One thought on “Why the Database Module is Free

  1. // why I am giving away the Database Module for free. //

    I would say:

    “This is the best way to showcase the capability of an Ignition expert / consultant”.


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