3D Charts Module – New Video, New Documentation, New Features

I just released a new version of the 3D Charts Module.

Here is what is new:

  • The documentation for the module has been rewritten. You can see it online here: http://doc.perfectabstractions.com/modules/3dcharts/index.html
  • Users can now export charts to PDF, JPEG or PNG. Right clicking on a chart will show a popup menu with different menu items for exporting to different formats.
  • Left/Right Rotation, Up/Down Rotation, Tilt Angle, Offset X, Offset Y properties have been added to all charts. These properties enable you to set the exact position and angles of charts when they are first displayed.

Here’s a new demo video of the 3D Charts Module:

The demo project that is used in the video can be downloaded by clicking here: Download 3D Charts Demo Project.


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